Professional advising

What is professional advising?

Want to stay on top of your academic game?
Behind in your reading?
Trouble writing exams?
Want better marks?

Meeting with a Learning Strategies Advisor can help you get on track, or improve your performance and confidence. We welcome any student, regardless of your year, program, standing or nature of academic challenge.  Our team of Learning Strategies Advisors can help by:

  • Coaching you in different study skills and techniques for learning
  • Encouraging you as you experiment with new approaches
  • Guiding you through the University regulations
  • Connecting you with other learning resources

Appointments are about 50 minutes long. All advising appointments are confidential, and no information will be shared unless the student gives specific permission to do so. Referrals are not required.


To book an appointment

For free individual Professional Advising, students can make an appointment in person on the main floor of Stauffer Library, or by calling 613-533-6315. Consults are available Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm.

Wait time for an advising appointment may be 1-3 weeks, or longer during mid-term and final exams.


How to prepare for an advising appointment

Time is most effectively used if the student identifies a problem area to discuss. Faculty, staff or TAs may help to clarify the concern.

Here are two ways you can prepare for an advising appointment: