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How can Learning Strategies help your students?

We are available to assist all students, regardless of year, program and standing. Some students come to see us who are struggling academically due to lack of understanding of the academic expectations of university, or insufficient learning and study skills. Other students are seeking to improve their grades to maintain scholarships or gain admission to graduate or professional schools.

Some students are seen once to resolve a particular issue, others are seen several times for assessment of their habits and skills and then more in-depth intervention on several topics.

We offer coaching in generic skills, which are transferable to various disciplines. Frequently discussed topics include:

  • time management, setting priorities and developing work plans
  • effective reading and note-making
  • writing multiple choice exams
  • motivation and procrastination
  • presentation skills

We also welcome invitations to speak directly to classes, residences and student groups. Presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of your students. Request a presentation by emailing learning.strategies@queensu.ca