Online Resources

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Learning Strategies has a number of resources available online to help you.

The Strategies and Topics section offers downloadable PDFs, tools and templates on a wide variety of topics, like time management, academic stress, or presentation skills (and more).

Our upper-year volunteers, the Peer Learning Assistants, post a weekly blog during the fall and winter terms. Check out our archives for candid, helpful and often funny posts on surviving and thriving as a Queen’s student.

The Assignment Calculator and Thesis Manager can help you manage larger projects and assignment and work towards long-term goals.

We also haveĀ a list of focus and time management tools on the web to help you cope with online (and offline!) distractions. Keep in mind that those links will lead off our website; we are not responsible for the content you find there. Most are free but some require a subscription or one-time purchase.

Photo courtesy of Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill, Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License.