Professional staff

Linda Williams, MA Psychol.

Senior Learning Strategies Advisor

I meet diverse students at Queen’s individually or in group workshops.  Some are struggling to pass and others are competing for a highly prestigious fellowship, but they are all relieved that there are supports available and they don’t have to “do it alone”.

I am often struck by the determination and energy that students display as they try to adapt to new learning situations or different academic expectations in their undergraduate or graduate program.  It is a privilege to be able to help students develop new learning and studying techniques and maintain a positive attitude, or help them find ways to complete a thesis, or enhance their presentation skills, or change their daily habits to be more productive and happier.

I have previously taught at the post-secondary education level and worked with people with disabilities or disadvantages related to their physical, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning. Working in Learning Strategies enables me to combine my long-standing interests in education, research, mental health and counselling individuals to meet their potential, regardless of their situation.

I welcome students to call or drop by the Learning Strategies office in  the Learning Commons, Stauffer Library (613-533-6315) and see how we can work together to have a satisfying Queen’s experience.

Please contact Linda at

Angie Silverberg

Learning Strategies Advisor

The intellectual challenges of attending university are both stimulating and enjoyable. Students are excited to learn about subject matter from leading experts in the field. However, the academic challenges facing students can be daunting, due to the expectation of being responsible for one’s own learning, managing a heavier academic workload, grasping techniques for higher-level learning and juggling multiple deadlines, while embracing the challenges of personal growth.

Through dedicated years of university teaching experience, adult education, teaching students with learning disabilities and one-on-one student coaching in critical university academic skills, I am passionate about helping students learn the necessary skills to succeed and excel in their university studies. My educational specialization in science and engineering is especially helpful in coaching students in quantitative problem solving, preparing for laboratories, understanding significant digits and graphing. It is a privilege to coach students with exam preparation strategies, lecture note-taking, oral presentations, time management, as well as, critical thinking and reading. I utilize one-on-one appointments to assess student needs and develop individualized learning objectives to encourage and guide students, as they endeavor to reach their full potential.

I encourage students to call (613-533-6315) or visit the SASS reception desk to book an individual advising appointment. Students may also contact me via email at and can book appointments at any time using our online booking system.

Elizabeth (Liz) Parsons, MEd

Learning Strategies Advisor

At different points in their university career, students are often faced with challenges that prevent them from reaching the academic success they seek. At Learning Strategies I work with students to help develop their knowledge, skills, and attitude to support them on their desired path of academic success.

As a former Queen’s student (both undergraduate and graduate) I empathize with the concerns and challenges that Queen’s students face. I try to bring this understanding as well as my passion for supporting students in an individualized and approachable manner to every interaction with students, whether through one-on-one professional advising or larger group workshops.  Please feel free to email me at

To book a professional advising appointment, please call 613 533 6315.


Caleigh Minshall, MA

Outreach Coordinator

As the Learning Strategies Outreach Coordinator, I often feel these strategies extend beyond academic success at Queen’s—we can use them in every aspect of our lives, from navigating a career to bolstering personal relationships! To this end, I support fifty student volunteers, the Peer Learning Assistants, as they share their experiences with learning strategies in a series of workshops across campus. My hope is that they empower fellow Queen’s students to meet their academic and personal goals in a balanced, healthy way.

Being a university student can be challenging at times, but learning the skills and knowledge to succeed here doesn’t have to be. (A former Queen’s student myself, I learned the hard way—learn from my mistakes!) The Peer Learning Assistants and I are committed to sharing these skills in a non-judgmental, fun atmosphere with relevant examples.

Feel free to contact me at or drop by Room 143 on the main floor of Stauffer Library. You can also see upcoming workshops here.