Residence Presentations with the Peer Learning Assistants

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RESIDENCE DONS: Request a Learning Strategies presentation for your floor.

Please try to give at least a two-week lead time when requesting a presentation.

Why request a Learning Strategies presentation? The Peer Learning Assistants from Learning Strategies present fun, interactive and relevant ways to help your residents improve their academic skills. The PLAs are upper-year volunteers trained to help their fellow students learn and study more effectively and less stressfully.

Check with your residents: What do they need to enhance their academic success? You have the following residence presentation options:

  • So Much to Do, So Little Time (time management tips)
  • Reading, Listening, and Remembering (reading and memory tips)
  • Study Smarter, Not Harder (research-recommended study techniques)
  • Anti-Procrastination (motivation and anti-procrastination tips)
  • Exam Prep (what to do before, during, and after an exam or midterm)

These sessions are normally 30-45 minutes, but we can be flexible! Call Felicia Yong, Learning Strategies Outreach Coordinator, at 613 533 6000 ext. 75213 or email with other questions or concerns.

Here are the residence presentations options in greater detail:

So Much To Do, So Little Time. The most important skill for students to learn is time management. Learn how to organize your time using effective time management skills, even if you’ve fallen behind on coursework – or book this session early to start the year off right! Catch up and keep up! The most successful students know how to manage their time.

Reading, Listening,and Remembering. “Why do I read for hours and retain so little?” “How come I can’t remember my lectures?” “How do I take effective notes?” Learn strategies to identify the important information in your textbooks and lectures – and remember it, too. Learn the Cornell method for note-taking. This will save you so much time when you need to study for exams and midterms!

Study Smarter, Not Harder. What every first-year student needs to know about studying at Queen’s. Find out the methods that really work!  Learn how to be active in your learning, and spend less time passively studying without absorbing information. The results of active learning are amazing: less time and higher marks!  This session is useful year-round: start the term off right, and prepare effectively for midterms and exams.

Anti-Procrastination. Ever had trouble getting started on an assignment or project? Find yourself glued to Facebook, Twitter, or your phone? Are late-night, last-minute efforts negatively affecting your grades or your mental health?  Learn where procrastination can come from, how you can fight it, and how to proactively find your motivation to get things done. Finding ways to manage procrastination – and, better yet, finding ways to harness internal motivation – can improve your grades and your mood.

Exam Prep. Learn everything about getting ready for exam season: study schedules and techniques, stress reduction, and even – though not recommended – how to cram. Very popular end-of-term workshop – for obvious reasons!

Book one or more of these sessions for your residents this term! Call Felicia at 613-533-6000 ext. 75213 or email with more questions.