Online tools


There are so many apps and websites designed to help you improve your productivity and studying skills! Here is a compilation of tools that some students find helpful. (Last updated April 2015.)


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Time management

Google Calendar

  • Online scheduling system
  • Allows you to set reminders for scheduled events
  • Calendar can be shared
  • Free

Remember the Milk

  • Task management/Project management/Procrastination
  • Online to-do list & store notes
  • Set due dates & reminders
  • Locate tasks using map
  • Share to-do lists with others
  • Free

GANTT charts

  • Time management/Project Management/Goal Setting/Procrastination
  • Break down large projects into smaller steps with specific deadlines
  • View and adjust timelines
  • Set contingencies & milestones
  • Assign resources
  • Share charts with others
  • A number of different programs available, the one listed above is free
  • Templates also available for Excel

Joe’s Goals

  • Time Management/Goal Setting
  • Online tool to keep track of your goals
  • Setup daily goals and track them with a calendar and/or logbook
  • Can create both positive and negative goals
  • Goals can be shared with others
  • Free, no download required

Page Addict

  • Time Management/Focus
  • Firefox extension that monitors Internet usage
  • Can generate & display a summary of the time you’ve spent on each web site each day, including a graph of your web habits
  • Free for download



You set a goal on the web site. Then you put up money and designate where the money will go if you fail to achieve your goal. For extra motivation, you can choose
an organization whose beliefs and actions you despise. Then you choose a “referee” who monitors your progress and tells Stickk if it should believe your claims of success.  You can also designate “supporters,” the folks who will cheer you on.  If you achieve your goal (and your referee confirms it), you get to keep your money. If not, your money goes bye-bye. Ouch.

Focus and concentration

See dedicated page.



  • Note making/Exam Prep
  • Similar to Microsoft OneNote
  • Allows you to capture information, organize it, and search it
  • Creates ‘word clouds’ based on your notes
  • Mind mapping, voice transcription, PDF annotation tools are all available as extensions
  • Free for download


  • Exam Prep/Memory
  • Program allows you to create your own cue cards or download sets that others have made in the past
  • Helpful for studying languages and for test preparation
  • Free for download


  • Exam Prep/Essay Writing/Note making
  • For mind-mapping on your computer
  • Edit and make large mind-maps that wouldn’t be possible on paper
  • Free for download


  • Exam Prep
  • Tool for studying arts & science
  • Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of the periodic table of elements, states in America, and human anatomy, religions, literature, and language
  • Free


  • Quantitative problem-solving
  • Tool for studying or extra help in mathematics
  • Gives step-by-step instructions on how to solve equations
  • Free


  • Exam Prep/Memory
  • Online flashcards with spaced repetition
  • Free with account creation


  •  Exam Prep/Memory
  • Find and study online flashcards and class notes at home or on your phone
  • Free with account creation

Group work

Google Docs

  • Upload your files from your desktop
  • Access anywhere: Edit and view your docs from any computer or smart phone.
  • Share your work: Real-time collaboration
  • Good for team projects
  • Free


  • Group work/Time management
  • Helpful for scheduling meetings
  • Good for team projects
  • Free


  • Helpful for working on team projects involving documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Keeps all computers synced and you can access files from anywhere with an internet connection, including smart phones

OneDrive for Business

  • Upload your files from your computer and share with other Queen’s students and staff
  • Good for team projects
  • Free and Queen’s-specific (need a netID)