Bounce Back

Bounce Back Facilitator team sitting on couch

Did your first exam or term not go quite as well as you had planned? That’s ok. It’s a common experience to struggle at university but you don’t have to do it alone! Our team of upper-year mentors is here to help you develop skills and share strategies to help get you back on track.

Bounce Back is a support program offered in the fall and winter terms for first-year undergraduate students who may be struggling academically. Students who opt in to the program are matched with an upper-year student mentor who works with them one-on-one to identify the source(s) of their difficulties, to share learning strategies, and to connect them with the appropriate on-campus resources.

Eligible students are contacted in the fall and winter term via email.

Bounce Back in the News

Jennifer Williams (former Bounce Back Mentor) Receives Agnes Benedickson Tricolour Award  (26-Feb-2016)

Student Success Initiative Expands – Queen’s News Centre (04-Jul-2014)

Helping First Years Bounce Back – Queen’s News Story (06-Jan-2014)

This program is modeled off the highly successful Bounce Back program at the University of Guelph and we would like to acknowledge the resources and support provided by their Bounce Back team in the development of this program in its pilot year. A special thank you to and others for their support of our students and the Bounce Back program! If you would like to contribute, please click here.