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Six things you’re feeling at the end of Week 12 (already?!)

By Joyce Leung, 3rd-year Con. Ed. student

We kid you not when we say that Week 12 is finally behind us. We can all appreciate that we’ve come very far (*pat on the back*), but it’s also safe to say there are many feelings stirring in us.

1. “I’m so glad this semester is almost done!!!”

You see the finish line and it’s beautiful! It is no small feat that you’ve come this far through the semester past all your assignments, midterms, and essays – and everything life threw at you! And it is worth celebrating!! Feel proud and thank yourself for having come this far, and know that you’re almost there!

2. “I’m almost done this semester! … but that’s what scares me the most…”

Some of us might be cheering for the end, while some of us can see the little time that is left in their courses, and primarily the final evaluations – may they be your examinations or essays – are looming. Read on for tips!!

3. “What have I learned in the past 12 weeks… Where do I even start???”

You might right now be in a moment of panic and dread for what’s around the corner – final exams, essays, and evaluations – and that can be certainly overwhelming.

In order to alleviate the stress, we recommend devising an December Exam Study Schedule to make the most of your last few weeks in a sane and healthy manner. Simply input your fixed commitments and evaluations, such as your exams and papers or trips home, and then organize blocks of time for your study, work, or review periods. And don’t forget break times to really heighten your productivity!

Next, use the most effective study method that works with you and implement it well. One way that’s great for review is to create summary sheets of your notes. Personally I enjoy mind maps the most and use it for many of my classes to help connect overarching concepts, and if you’d like find out more, check out summary sheets here.

4. “I don’t think I have enough time to do all this.”

Time really does fly, and coming to this realization that you might not have used your time the way you had hoped for leaves you with mixed feelings about Week 12 – and that’s a good realization to have now. At this point, there is no time for the game of “I should have.” Rather, take the time that you have left and plan it wisely and strategically. After having estimated the approximate time to play catch-up and study for your courses with the December Exam Study Schedule, you may want to use the 5 Day Study Plan if you feel the need to cram, as it is sometimes inevitable.

Also, talk to your professors and TAs if you’re having trouble understanding material, as you certainly are not alone and definitely not the first to ask for help. They can provide valuable insight and tips on how to best deal with course difficulties.

 5. “I can’t even right now. I’m so done.”

… said just about everyone. But remember, you’re so close and it’s possible to make it through! It’s easy and normal to feel exhausted when you’re this close and have gone through all twelve weeks. Make sure you’re taking care of your mental and physical health and treat yourself right. That may be de-stressing at the gym or hanging out with friends that you haven’t talked to in some time. Make sure you’re caring for yourself and it can help your motivation and mood, and improve your productively greatly!

 6. “When the only thing I can think about is the holiday, it’s sort of hard to study.”

As we near the highly anticipated end of the semester, the ever appealing winter break creeps into our minds more often and it can become *very* distracting. In that case, I find it helpful to do one or more of the following: changing up study space so I’m less distracted (i.e. libraries instead of my room), using a distraction pad to put distracting thoughts aside, or having a study buddy to keep me grounded and motivated. Definitely check out some of our online tools for time management, and it’s never too late to start now!

Do the best that you can. We wish you all the best. Take care!