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Student Academic Success Services stands in support of the anti-racism movement that has been happening across Canada and the United States. In our particular Canadian context, we acknowledge and rebuke the violence that has been perpetuated against BIPOC communities. Let us be clear: Black lives matter. Indigenous lives matter. We echo the Principal’s statement about the need for sustainable change and pledge to create more space for BIPOC voices in our work.

As a student service, it is our job to provide students the tools and strategies that will help them be academically successful. What this often translates to is providing students tools and strategies that perpetuate existing systems and structures—systems and structures that subtly, and sometimes explicitly, value white histories, cultures, and languages over others. As a unit, we are constantly trying to find ways to reconcile empowering students to see value in their diversity with setting students up to be successful in a system that does not value their diversity. Despite our efforts, we can do better. We need to do better. We commit to continue educating ourselves and pursuing this important work so that we will do better.