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Exam season is coming! Are you ready?

By Yuming Wang, 3rd-year Life Sciences student

It’s the start of December! With just a few days before exam season officially starts, I want to share with you all some tips that can help you when preparing for exams:

Plan ahead!

Don’t start studying last minute for your exams. Starting your exam studying early is a great way to ensure that you can give yourself enough time to go over your lecture materials and any past exams/questions. As well, it gives you sufficient time to catch up on any assigned course readings or homework you might have missed or didn’t have time to finish.

A great way to plan ahead is to get yourself a copy of the December study calendar. You’d want to include the dates, times, and locations of all the exams you have (SUPER IMPORTANT!) and then plan out which days you will be studying for those exams. Ideally, you’d want to spread out your studying days to allow what you’re studying to enter your long-term memory.

REMEMBER: when you’re studying for exams, always give yourself breaks in between. You don’t want to burn out right before your exam!

Keep calm and believe in YOURSELF!

Exam season is always one of the most stressful times of the year — that’s natural. But you can use stress management strategies! Panicking is the last thing you’d want to do. When you’re really anxious, you may forget information and your concentration goes down the hill. Luckily, there are ways to manage your stress in a healthy way.

Anytime during the day when you have exam-related, work-related, assignment-related stress, try telling yourself “I believe in myself!” (Psst, it works really well when you’re alone and you can shout it out loud). Having a positive attitude is really great for boosting your motivation and concentration.

Talk to someone!

Finally, the last tip I want to give is that if you’re having a lot of difficulty coping with exam season, there’s nothing wrong with talking to someone about it or seeking others for advice and help.

Photo courtesy of Philo Nordlund under Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0.