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Get your groove back: Tips for a smooth return to schoolwork after a break

By Caleigh Treissman, 3rd-year Psychology major

After the break, getting back into the rhythm of school can sometimes be difficult: the return of responsibility and stress, saying goodbye to family and friends from home. The important thing to remember is that YOU CAN GET BACK INTO THE GROOVE!

We recognize that motivation may be low to start, so here are a few handy tips to get you started!

  • Be gentle with yourself. Recognize that it may take you a while to get back into the school work groove! Don’t get down on yourself, take breaks and do what you can!
  • Set realistic goals. Don’t plan to do all those readings that you’re dreading all at once! Break them up into manageable chunks!
  • Prioritize in order to stay on top of your work! What is each assignment worth? How long will it take you to complete? Ask yourself these questions and do the most important work first!
  • Reward yourself when you are able to accomplish tasks that seemed daunting at first!
  • Believe in yourself above all else! Put motivational quotations and reminders of your long-term goals around your room to remind yourself why you are here.

Make sure to use your term and weekly schedules in order to keep track of assignments and exams!

It may take some time to really feel back in the groove of school again, but Learning Strategies and the Peer Learning Assistants are here for you if you need some extra support!