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Handling academic stress

By Caleigh Treissman, 3rd-year Psychology major

Academic anxiety is something that all students face to varying degrees; it’s a regular part of being a university student. Sometimes stress is a good thing – would you really have stayed in to finished that assignment instead of going out with your friends if you weren’t a little anxious about it? But when stress starts to have a negative impact on both your social and academic life, it no longer serves its purpose.

There are some great ways to shrink your stress and the Peer Learning Assistants are here to help you figure them out!

 Take breaks

  • When academic anxiety is limiting your focus and concentration, take a break.
  • Go for a walk, talk with a friend, or hit the gym
  • When you return you will be more equipped to deal with your work.

Plan ahead

  • Use a term calendar so that you know when big assignments are coming up
  • This will help you study in advance so that you are not stressed right before the deadline.

Sleep on it

  • Getting a good night’s sleep prepares your brain to tackle any upcoming challenges and to solidify the information you studied.
  • It is recommended you get 7-9hrs of sleep a night for optimal brain functioning.

Talk to someone who can help

Managing your stress is all about balance, and may take some practice at first, but keep in mind that stress is a normal part of student life and that there are people here to help!

Visit Stress and Coping Strategies for more information.

Photo courtesy of Angie Gerrett under Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0.