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How to Get Out of Your Motivation Slump

By Sonya Ben-Ishai, 2nd year Con-Ed English/ Philosophy Student

Week 11 has come in faster than I was expecting. After slowly recovering from a 9-week motivation slump, the future ahead seems extremely quick and overwhelming. While I know it’s okay to feel this way sometimes, there are tons of ways that I like to get going, and get out of my post reading week (maybe even winter break) blues. Here are my top 4 tips to get going in the final weeks to come.

1. Surround yourself with like-minded, hardworking people. No, don’t ditch the friend that binge’s a whole Netflix series every few days, they’re just as important. Instead, when you’re prepared to study, go to a place where other people are thinking like you. The library is a great example of this. If other people around you are working, you’re way more likely to finally finish that assignment you’ve been meaning to do. If you don’t like silence, it’s just as good, and maybe even better to make a study group!

2. Plan Everything. This may seem obvious, but it’s so essential! Writing when my assignments are due is one step, but the extra step that makes everything seem a little more doable is breaking each assignment, each study session, and each task into even smaller to-dos. Every Sunday, it’s become part of my routine to plan for the week ahead. Knowing that I’m prepared takes the too-well-known stress of the unknown and overwhelmed away.  For example, if I have an essay due the following week my schedule may look like this:



  • Pick Essay Topic

  • Read related Material

  • Take Notes


  • Finish Taking Notes

  • Make detailed essay outline


  • Introduction

  • Argument 1, 2


  • Argument 3, 4


  • Conclusion

  • Edit essay


  • Edit essay

  • Finalize essay


  • Finalize Essay


If every assignment and task that I need to complete is planned like this, it becomes a lot more doable and I feel as if I’ve accomplished more. This leads to me feeling motivated to continue the next day. Also, checking off that box every time you do something can make your day even brighter.


3. Find your sleep schedule. Depending on the person, we generally need 8 hours of sleep a night to feel well rested, be alert, and retain information properly. Finding a sleep schedule that works for you, will make you feel 1000% better during the night and the next morning.  Sleep is incredibly important for many reasons:


  • Memory Consolidation. Everything you study during the day needs to be moved from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. Getting enough sleep allows you to absorb much more information in lectures, which leads into more efficient studying. This is also important come exam time. While we may want to pull that all-nighter, there’s really no use if the information goes nowhere in the end. Not sleeping all night does not make you a better and harder-working student. In fact, sleeping makes you a smarter and more efficient student.
  • Gain a more positive mindset. Health is your number one priority. It Is essential that you feel GOOD before concerning yourself with studying. Sleep allows you to be healthier physically, but also mentally. With enough sleep, your mood and well-being will improve significantly. This will make studying more doable and maybe even enjoyable. Having a good sleep makes you Happier and more positive!!!


4. Take Breaks and make YOU time. No one can study for all hours of the day. If you really want to make all study time worth-while, it’s incredibly important to take breaks. Breaks should be taken throughout your study time, but also throughout the day to do something that you love.

  •  50/10 Rule. While you’re studying, a key rule to remember that will make you feel and work even better than before is the 50/10 rule. The rules are simple: work for 50 minutes, take a break for 10. This avoids exhaustion and burn out when studying. It also helps to know that your 10-minute break is coming up. Use this as something to look forward to!
  • Always remember to make time for yourself and do something YOU LOVE. Life is not always about studying, and there is more to life than school. Always remember to make time for yourself, and do the things that you love. This is the ultimate way to keep yourself motivated, positive, and in control. Whether this means going to the gym, going out for dinner with your friends, or just staying in with Netflix and a bowl of popcorn, doing something you love will keep you happy.


Don’t stress. do your best, and forget the rest. Look forward to the future ahead of you. With the right mindset, the next few weeks will be a breeze. Studying for everyone is different. Find what works for you and stick with it. Only you can know your true self and how you study best. Stay positive, and follow your own senses through the next few weeks of staying motivated!!!