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How to Survive Mid Term Season – Featuring Positive Quotes

By Sam Taylor, 4th year Concurrent Education, English student


Mid term season is one of the more stressful times during the semester, which I’m sure you already know. Whether it is to get me through the pressures of mid terms or just to brighten my day, I tend to rely on positive quotes. I use them as my laptop screensaver, my phone background, and have them up on the walls in my bedroom. Reading these motivating words could also be your source of inspiration this mid term season!

Rohn, Jim. “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Quote Fancy, 2017.

  1. Build a weekly study schedule
    • This way, you can do your best to complete all of the assignments and studying necessary to succeed on your mid-terms, while still maintaining the other aspects of your life
    • When writing it, you can incorporate everything necessary for school such as your set class times, assignments, homework, and studying you should accomplish each day
    • Be sure to also include other set time commitments such as jobs and extra curriculars
    • Finally, it will allow you to put in time to take breaks to see friends or to go to the gym, and to do laundry, eat meals, exercise, etc.


  2. 50/10 rule for studying
    • Study or work on a task for 50 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes. A study has shown that you remember best what you study within the first 25 minutes and the last 25 minutes of a study session


  3. Actively use time between classes
    • By using time in between classes, you are often able to accomplish shorter tasks and will have completed more throughout the day by doing so
    • Treat each day like a work day and each week like a work week and put in your 40 hours of work per week


  4. Sleep 7-8 hours per night
    • Students often think that they need to sacrifice sleep to complete their homework or studying. But by getting the right amount of sleep, you will be more efficient at completing your studying



Maxwell, John C. “Dreams Don’t Work Unless you Do.” Quote Fancy, 2017.


  1. Eat a frog for breakfast
    • Complete your most difficult studying or assignment in the morning so that you are not dreading working on it the entire day and putting it off


  2. Review concepts before, during, and after class
    • By doing this, you are ensuring that you truly understand the content and will more easily recall the information when studying later for the actual mid-term or final exam


  3. Nip confusion in the bud
    • Go to your TA/professor’s office hours, send them an e-mail, or speak with them after class so that it is clear what you must do for an assignment or on the mid-term


  4. Refer to past exams, use assignments, or course learning objectives to study
    • Check exam-bank for old exams to practice studying from, use assignment questions and course learning objectives to generate practice study questions





  1. Think about long term goals
    • How will short term goals of doing well on a mid-term contribute to your long term goal of getting good grades to get into graduate school or help you to graduate so you can have your dream job


Try to remember that the stress of mid-term season is “a difficult road” right now that will “lead to beautiful destinations” later on. You are the one who gets to decide how you want to tackle these tough days or weeks during the semester in order to achieve your goals!


 Photo courtesy of Queen’s University under Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0.