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Our cancellation policy has changed!

Need to cancel/reschedule your 1:1 appointment with a professional learning strategist or writing consultant? Beginning May 3, you will no longer be required to provide 24-hours’ notice when cancelling an appointment. Cancellations will now require only 12-hours’ notice.

How do I cancel an appointment?

If for any reason you must cancel your appointment, here’s what you should do:

  1. Ensure that you are cancelling 12 hours in advance of the appointment, in accordance with our cancellation policy.
  2. Log into the SASS appointment booking system at queensu.mywconline.com.
  3. Locate your appointment on the schedule.
  4. Select your appointment to open the reservation window.
  5. In the reservation window, scroll to the bottom and locate the check box labeled “Cancel this appointment.” Click the “modify” button.

Your appointment is now cancelled. You may also call the front desk 12 hours in advance to cancel an appointment (leave a Voicemail message if your call is not answered; phone messages are date- and time-stamped, so you will not be charged if you have called 12 hours in advance of the appointment). Failing to provide 12-hours’ notice when cancelling an appointment will result in a $25 fine levied against your Queen’s account. Note that students who “no-show” (fail to cancel appointment with 12-hours’ notice and do not show up for the appointment) are not entitled to further appointments until the fine has been paid.