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Exam Prep: Questions Answered

Q&A: Questions Answered

Drop in for 5 minutes and learn:
– How to study effectively
– Common study mistakes
– Where to find practice questions and resources

Sciences: BIOL102, PSYC100, CHEM112, PHYS117, MATH121 (12:00-2:00pm)

Arts: HIST124, DEVS100, ENGL100, ECON110/111 (2:00-4:00pm)

Location: Stauffer Library, Speaker’s Corner

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Midterm Prep Workshop: Multiple Choice Exams

So you’ve got a hundred decisions to make in an hour, and a whole textbook to work from. We’ll talk you through a process to help you select what you’ll learn, memorize it, and ease the stress of exam day.

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Midterm Prep: Quantitative Problem-solving (Math and Science Exams)

Learn three practical strategies to move away from an endless “plug and chug” approach to solving quantitative problems. Students in math, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics, and basic stats courses will learn how to shift from straight calculations to conceptual thinking when studying for exams. Generic strategies will be taught, not content in specific courses.

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Midterm Prep: Short Answer and Essay Exams

Learn how to prepare for tests that include short answer and essay questions, and find out what your instructors are looking for when marking this type of exam. This workshop also includes information on writing the exam itself.

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