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Welcome to exam season! – Student Academic Success Services has got you covered




Welcome to exam season! – Student Academic Success Services has got you covered

! Make an exam study schedule, or make a professional appointment with a learning strategist to hone your study skills!


Have you made our famous exam study schedule yet?

Download our December exam study schedule with instructions!


Unsure of how your marks are adding up?

Fill in the Grade Calculator and find out exactly where you stand in each course heading into exams.

“Study smarter, not harder” is the cliche — but it’s true!

Our ‘Test and Exam Prep” resources are thorough and will help you create a customized study schedule and teach you strategies for effectively preparing, no matter what type of exam you face.


Learn just about everything we’ve got on effective, efficient exam prep right here. Good luck! 

Not sure where to start with exam prep? Try the Study Plan

Get organized with our Rules for Organizing your study Schedule


Sometimes cramming is unavoidable.

Here’s how to do it right (but try to avoid it in the future!)

Staying calm under pressure is important during exams.

Learn more about coping with test anxiety.

One last thing.

Here are some free online resources to help you get through the next few weeks.

Happy to help.

Have questions? send us an email or give us a call at 613-533-6315

Remember that Student Academic Success Services (SASS)  is here to help you with any and all aspects of academic writing and learning, whatever your year, discipline or proficiency level.

Explore our website for information about booking 1:1 appointments, using peer writing support, finding a helpful workshop, or accessing free learning and writing resources.