Residence Presentation Request Form

Please try to fill out this form at least two weeks before your desired workshop.

  • Please indicate your top two preferred options for the date and time of the residence presentation, Eg. Sept 17 from 7-8pm; Sept 19 from 6-7pm.



Upon the submission of this form, Ian sends out a request to her team of Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs). One week before the session, a PLA will contact you to discuss your objectives, your residents’ interests, and to talk about the details of timing, food, location, and your promotion of the event. Then this PLA will plan the session with their co-presenter.

Please greet the PLAs when they arrive and stay for the whole session (normally 30-45 minutes, but we can be flexible).

If you need to cancel or reschedule the session, please email the presenters and Ian as soon as possible.

Our volunteers always appreciate the effort you put in to make a program well-attended and successful. Please stay with your residents during the presentation, so that you can give the presenters and Felicia constructive feedback. Every year we review and update the workshops based on your input!