Support for English as an Additional Language students

SASS offers a number of programs and resources to help multilingual students be successful at university. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, we can help to further develop your language skills, improve communication, and build your confidence.

ESL Coordinator working with a student At SASS, we want English as an Additional Language (EAL) and international students to be able to communicate fluently and confidently while studying at Queen’s University. Our Academic English Skills Support Program features one-to-one personalized consultations, which focus on writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills.

For example, multilingual students can book one of the popular P&P consultations (Pronunciation and Presentation Skills) to get feedback on pronunciation issues and/or practice for an upcoming oral presentation. We also offer workshops, EAL resources, and access to computer software—Inspiration and Kurzweil 3000—through the Academic Skills Lab. Students can use these supports to work independently on writing and reading skills, which can improve overall fluency.

“This program which aims to help EAL students is very helpful. For shy international students who just come to Canada, for example me in 2014, a resource like this provides a place to learn English one-to-one. In addition to English writing, it also helped me in practicing oral presentations before group meetings and my thesis defense.”

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Book an introductory consultation (in person or online)

Students with English as an additional language can request an introductory consultation with our EAL Program Coordinator. The Academic English Skills Support program is designed to help students improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in English.

To arrange a meeting with our EAL Program Coordinator, click on “Request an introductory appointment” below. You and she can talk about concerns and issues you may have related to English language academic communication skills.

Request an introductory appointment

Note that EAL students who want help with writing assignments can book writing consultations in our core writing program. To schedule a writing consultation, use our online booking system.

Make a plan

During the introductory consultation, multilingual students can decide if they would like to meet again to work on particular language issues and skills. If so, together with the EAL Program Coordinator, students will make a plan by determining which language and academic communication skills they’d like to focus on, and for how many sessions.

“The ESL Program Coordinator has offered me great help and support throughout our sessions, in terms of speaking, presenting, as well as learning how to take care of oneself as an EAL student under a North American university setting.”

Which language skill do you want to focus on?

Multilingual students can book consultations with the EAL Program Coordinator to work on any of the four language skills and these related issues:


  • General skill development (organizing ideas, self-editing, writing under pressure)
  • Grammar: feedback, identification, and practice
  • Writing for a North American audience: Structure and style
  • Academic integrity/avoiding plagiarism
  • Vocabulary development and usage
  • English Proficiency Test (EPT) preparation for Applied Science Engineering students


  • P&P – Pronunciation and Presentation Skills:
  • Practice a presentation for a course to increase fluency and confidence
  • Pronunciation assessment and practice
  • Building vocabulary, idioms, and usage


  • Improving listening and comprehension
  • Understanding lectures and participating group work
  • Developing vocabulary


  • Improving comprehension of academic readings
  • Expanding vocabulary

EAL program policies

  • Failure to give 6 hours notice or to appear for a scheduled appointment will result in a $25 charge added to your Queen’s account.
  • Students are limited to one appointment per week.
  • Any student who arrives more than 10 minutes late may forfeit that appointment.
  • Any student who fails to either attend or cancel an appointment may not be entitled to further services. Appeals due to extenuating circumstances should be directed to the director.

Plan to improve your English language skills this year!

  • Meet with the EAL Program Coordinator at SASS to discuss strategies you are already using to develop your language skills and get support to further improve communication.
  • Receive encouragement and get tips on ways to work on your English skills every day.

 You can do it!

Academic Skills CornerAcademic Skills Lab

In addition to booking a one-to-one consultation with the EAL Program Coordinator, students have the opportunity to work independently on language and academic writing skills. Together with the QLC, SASS offers students access to two new computer programs in the Academic Skills Corner:

  • Inspiration can help students brainstorm ideas, clarify thinking, and organize information
  • Kurzweil 3000 is text-to-speech software providing multilingual students with audio and visual reinforcement for reading, writing, and fluency.

Students who would like to learn more about how this software can help develop language fluency, vocabulary, and self-editing skills, can contact the EAL Program Coordinator ( to book a training session.

Online EAL resources


Writing-related handouts from SASS, including EAL writing guides, can be found here. You may also be interested in our learning resources, which address other important academic skills. The slides for SASS’s workshop on plagiarism are available for download.

SASS: Helpful Writing Workshops

Grammar and Usage: Resources, Tools, and Exercises

Spelling Practice


General Writing and EAL Resources

For Graduate Students



YouTube Series: Speaking English with Stacy Hagen

Pronunciation Practice (with diagrams)

Sounds of American English

Speak Method: Pronunciation, Grammar, and More

English Pronunciation Practice (Listen & Repeat)

Useful Expressions in English



 Learning English with CBC

BBC Learning English

YouTube Series: Speaking English with Stacy Hagen

TED Talks

Rick Mercer Report

How Stuff Works

Khan Academy


Idioms and Expressions

Academic Word Lists

The Globe and Mail


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Learning English with the CBC

Best of the Westcoast Reader

BBC Learning English


Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

English Conversation Group (Thursdays, 5:30pm-7pm, QUIC, 2nd floor Mitchell Hall):

The Conversation Group meetings are intended to help international students who wish to improve their English language skills. The sessions take place on Thursdays from 5:30pm-7pm and include group activities and discussions. International students (including spouses) are welcome to visit any group session. Formal registration is not required.

English Academic Writing Support (Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm at QUIC, 2nd floor Mitchell Hall):

There’s a new opportunity to learn and practice English Academic writing at the QUIC on Tuesday nights from 6pm-8pm for both undergrads and grads. Each week, SASS’s EAL Coordinator will facilitate a session on a different writing topic, like articles, critical thinking, or sentence variety. Decide which topics are of interest to you and join an informal environment where you can build on your writing foundations, evaluate examples, do practice exercises, learn strategies, and ask questions. No registration required!

Jan 15: Article Usage

Jan 22: Connectors

Jan 29: Clear Subjects

Feb 5: Prepositional Phrases

Feb 12: Punctuation

Mar 5: Communication Critical Thinking

Mar 12: Sentence Variety

Mar 19: Academic Phrases

Academic English Drop-In Support (Wednesdays, 6pm-8pm, Stauffer Library room 143):

Working on a writing assignment or a presentation on a Wednesday evening and want some help with your Academic English? Drop in to Stauffer Library, room 143, anytime between 6pm-8pm and meet with a SASS consultant.