How to Develop a Thesis Statement

Are you afraid of the word ‘thesis’? Wondering what your course instructor might expect you to create when asking for ‘a clear and effective thesis’? Register early to participate in a highly instructive workshop with our expert academic staff to learn how to:

1.Identify common missteps in thesis construction
2.Use smart strategies to develop and revise a thesis
3. Apply a what/how/why model to evaluate the strength and clarity of your thesis

Your instructors will be very glad that you’ve taken advantage of this opportunity.

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Midterm Prep: Quantitative Problem-solving (Math and Science Exams)

Learn three practical strategies to move away from an endless “plug and chug” approach to solving quantitative problems. Students in math, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics, and basic stats courses will learn how to shift from straight calculations to conceptual thinking when studying for exams. Generic strategies will be taught, not content in specific courses.

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Midterm Prep: Short Answer and Essay Exams

Learn how to prepare for tests that include short answer and essay questions, and find out what your instructors are looking for when marking this type of exam. This workshop also includes information on writing the exam itself.

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How to Write Effective Paragraphs

In this workshop, our facilitators will show you how to write concise, coherent and well developed paragraphs appropriate for complex, university-level writing tasks in any subject.

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Effective Writing for First Year Science Students

Wondering about how to write a lab report? Not sure if your style meets university expectations for science writing? Then come to a Writing Centre workshop:

Learn how to:

1. Format a lab report
2. Identify conventions of science writing
3. Use effective pre-writing, writing, and re-writing strategies

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How to Write Your First University Essay

It takes skill to learn how to create, develop and refine a thesis that makes clear to your reader what your essay or research paper will address. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build specific, articulate and engaging thesis statements into your introductory paragraph.

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