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Under Strategies, Tools, and Handouts, you’ll find a wide variety of resources that address students’ academic needs. Resources are divided into two main areas:

  • In the Learning Topics tab, you’ll find tools and resources to: manage your time, improve your focus, increase motivation and decrease procrastination, cope with academic stress, take better notes, etc.
  • In the Writing Topics tab, you’ll find resources to support the writing process, punctuation, grammar, style, discipline-specific writing, referencing, etc.

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Learning TopicsWriting TopicsHow do I...



Levels of Thinking: How to Think Smart at University.

At university, performance on exams requires mastery beyond memorization, such as comprehension, analysis, application, and evaluation. Different types of exams may assess different levels of thinking, so it is important to match your study techniques to the level of thinking required.

Create Your Weekly Schedule. There are 168 hours in the week — how will you fit everything in? Follow the instructions in this video to create your own weekly schedule. This may help reduce stress, balance your workload and improve your productivity! Access our weekly schedule template online.

How do I…

Avoid burnout? I feel disorganized, stressed and overwhelmed.
Know what my profs expect from me?
Ace this course?
Get the most out of lectures and homework?
Get all of my work done and still have balance?
Stop procrastinating? (I just don’t care anymore. I can’t get started. I keep procrastinating.)
Stay on top of my work while studying for midterms?
Write a lab report?
Write an essay in university?
Write my thesis?
Deliver presentations well?
Do this? I feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing…

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