The Writing Centre is dedicated to enhancing the quality of  academic writing at Queen’s, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

At the Centre, writing experts of various backgrounds and perspectives come together with students of equally diverse backgrounds  and perspectives to tackle the expectations and challenges of writing at university.  Because people learn in different ways,  the Writing Centre offers a range of  instruction: large group, small group, one-to-one, general, and discipline-specific. The transferability of critical thinking and writing strategies plays out in tutorials, workshops, and seminars, with clear, purposeful communication as the achievable goal.

Staff at the Writing  Centre are committed to creating a dynamic, collaborative learning environment  emphasizing good writing as a fundamental communication tool of the university.

Writing Centre: Learning Outcomes

Depending on specific programs, services, and resources used, students will

  • identify critical thinking and rhetorical strategies for generating, refining, supporting, and applying ideas, arguments, and information in order to communicate them for specific purposes to a range of audiences.
  • practice and implement strategies for logically organizing information and/or arguments in order to achieve coherence and rhetorical effectiveness.
  • identify both strengths and areas for improvement in their writing in order to effectively revise their own work for clarity and accuracy.
  • familiarize themselves with conventions and requirements of university and disciplinary writing in order to produce scholarly and stylistically appropriate assignments.
  • recognize how to acknowledge in their writing ideas and information from sources in order to use the work of others responsibly and in keeping with the principles of Academic Integrity.