SASS offers a number of programs and resources to help multilingual students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, further develop their language skills, improve communication, and build confidence in order to be successful at university.


At SASS, we want ESL and international students to be able to communicate fluently and confidently while studying at Queen’s University. Our ESL programs feature one-to-one personalized consultations focusing on writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills. For example, multilingual students can book one of the popular P&P consultations (Pronunciation and Presentation Skills) to get feedback on pronunciation issues and/or practice for an upcoming oral presentation. We also offer workshops, ESL resources, and access to computer softwareInspiration and Kurzweil 3000—through the Academic Skills Lab so that students can work independently on writing and reading skills, which can improve overall fluency.



Here’s how to arrange a one-to-one consultation with the ESL Program Coordinator:


Book an Introductory Consultation

Multilingual students who would like language skills support, should first book an introductory consultation with the ESL Program Coordinator, Donna Katinas. Students can email her directly at and she will set up a convenient time to meet and talk about concerns and issues students may have related to language and academic communication skills.

Please note: ESL students who want help with writing assignments can book writing consultations in our core writing program. For more information on the Writing Centre, go here To book a writing consultation in the core Writing Centre program, use our online system here

Make a Plan

During the introductory consultation, multilingual students can decide if they would like to meet again to work on particular language issues and skills. If so, together with the ESL Program Coordinator, students will make a plan by determining which language and academic communication skills they’d like to focus on, and for how many sessions.

Start Practicing and Improving

Once multilingual students have had an introductory consultation and made a plan, they can book individual 50-minute consultations with the ESL Program Coordinator by email only.

Please note ESL Program policies.

Types of ESL Consultations

Multilingual students can book consultations with the ESL Program Coordinator to work on any of the four language skills and related issues:





  • General skill development (organizing ideas, self-editing, writing under pressure)
  • Grammar: feedback, identification, and practice
  • Writing for a North American audience: structure and style
  • Academic integrity/avoiding plagiarism
  • Vocabulary development and usage
  • English Proficiency Test (EPT) preparation for Applied Science Engineering students


  • P&P – Pronunciation and Presentation Skills:
  • Practice a presentation for a course to increase fluency and confidence
  • Pronunciation assessment and practice
  • Building vocabulary, idioms, and usage


  • Improving listening and comprehension
  • Understanding lectures and participating group work
  • Developing vocabulary


  • Improving comprehension of academic readings
  • Expanding vocabulary

Plan to improve your English language skills this year!
Meet with the ESL Program Coordinator at SASS to discuss strategies you are already using to develop your language skills and get support to further improve communication.
Receive encouragement and get tips on ways to work on your English skills every day.

You can do it!



Language Skills Resources




SASS – Writing Centre general workshops on writing:

Grammar and usage resources, tools, and exercises:

Spelling practice:


General writing and ESL resources:

Huge site with links of interest to ESL students:

Links of interest to graduate students:



Video series on speaking English with Stacy Hagen:

Pronunciation practice with diagrams:

Sounds of American English with diagrams:

General American English pronunciation practice:

English pronunciation practice – listen and repeat:

Useful expressions in English:




Learning English with CBC:

BBC Learning English:

Listening practice for spoken English from Stacy Hagen:


Rick Mercer Report (Canadian comedy show featuring political and cultural commentary):

How Stuff Works:

Khan Academy:



Idioms and expressions:

Academic word lists:

Globe and Mail:


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Learning English with CBC:

Best of the Westcoast Reader (be sure to look for stories at the appropriate level):

BBC Learning English:



Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary