Sociology tutorial

For more advice on all aspects of academic writing, from writing courses at Queen’s to citations to dictionaries, here is a selection of some useful websites:

Continuing and Distances Studies: Take an academic writing course at Queen’s University (scroll down for available “WRIT” courses).

Academic Integrity for Graduate Students: Review this important topic via the module.

Writing Personal Statements: An excellent site dedicated to helping you craft a professional and effective personal statement.

MLA Handbook FAQ: Corrections and additions to the 7th print edition of the MLA Handbook.

ASA Style Guide: Brief guide to citations and references for Sociology papers.

APA Style Guide: On-line guide to referencing and formatting in APA style.

Chicago Manual of Style: Quick guide to documentation according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Online Writing Lab (OWL): A very useful site from Purdue University.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: Guide to writing, composition, rhetoric, editing, and style.

World Wide Words: Michael Quinion’s language pages include articles, the word hoard, newsworthy words, and usage notes.

The University of Victoria’s Hypertext Writer’s Guide: Prepared by the English Department at the University of Victoria. Oxford’s free online dictionary

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students

Online English Grammar:Maintained by the Hampstead School of English

Seventy useful sentences for academic writing: Compiled by Luiz Otávio Barros


Just for fun: entertaining or thought-provoking links about writing:

Some classic tips for writing letters or emails, from the BBC.

A rap video from University of Alberta students about plagiarism.