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Request a workshop/presentation on avoiding plagiarism: Turn It Around

WHAT’S A WRITING WORKSHOP/PRESENTATION? A writing workshop/presentation provides a clear, focused, concrete, and expert explanation of the academic writing process for your students, ensuring they have a better sense of how to write a good paper. We’ve been doing this successfully for over twenty-five years at Queen’s, with undergraduates, graduate students, and staff.


In requesting a writing workshop/presentation, you have a number of options to choose from:

WHO WILL DELIVER THE WORKSHOP/PRESENTATION?  One of our expert academic writing staff, talking to students in your class, tutorial or student group, for either 50 minutes or 100 minutes, depending on your class’s schedule.

WHEN: Whenever you book it for your class or group, depending on the presenter’s availability. We do require two weeks’ notice from the time you submit your request form (below).

WHERE: Typically, writing workshop/presentations can be delivered in your classroom, during one of your scheduled class or tutorial times.  If you are a student requesting a workshop for a group of your peers, you will need to book space for the workshop; Speaker’s Corner or Stauffer 121 in Stauffer Library are good options and can be booked through the Stauffer Library front desk.

WHY: Feedback from years of workshop delivery tells us that students feel they benefit significantly from our direct, concrete, and eye-friendly workshop presentations. These events do much to take anxiety and mystery out of the experience of writing in an academic context. We know too that the better a student’s work is, the easier it is to evaluate, so the 50 or 100 minutes of class time that a workshop presentation takes is a good investment in marking time saved later!

HOW: So easy! Just click on the form below, complete all the information we need to prepare and deliver your workshop, and submit. The Workshop Coordinator will contact you with confirmation of the workshops date, location, time, and to go over any additional details.