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10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing (The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2018)
“When professors advise early-career academics on grant writing, we often focus on the common mistakes and pitfalls. But up-and-coming researchers don’t just need advice on what not to do. They need to know what goes into a successful grant proposal, too.”

Poor-quality, predatory conferences prey on academics (University Affairs, March 2018)
“Many publishers of deceptive or poor-quality academic journals have created a big sideline business organizing equally questionable academic conferences. Yet some professors don’t seem to be getting the message to stay away.”

“Patchwriting” is more common than plagiarism, just as dishonest. (Poynter, September 2012)
This author discusses “patch writing,” which students may not understand is a form of plagiarism. Faculty and TAs may wish to share an except with their students.