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Services for Your StudentsServices for Faculty and TAs

Services for Your Students

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We are available to assist all students, regardless of year, program and standing. Some students come to see us who are struggling academically due to lack of understanding of the academic expectations of university, or insufficient learning and study skills. Other students are seeking to improve their grades to maintain scholarships or gain admission to graduate or professional schools.

Some students are seen once to resolve a particular issue, others are seen several times for assessment of their habits and skills and then more in-depth intervention on several topics.

We offer coaching in generic skills, which are transferable to various disciplines. Frequently discussed topics include:

  • time management, setting priorities and developing work plans
  • effective reading and note-making
  • writing multiple choice exams
  • motivation and procrastination
  • presentation skills

The Writing Centre’s goal is to support students in becoming more effective thinkers and writers. We do not edit or proofread students’ work; rather, we work collaboratively with students to identify the challenges they face when writing essays, labs, reports, and dissertations and to help them develop strategies to overcome these challenges. We deliver writing support through our 1:1 professional consultation program, our peer drop-in program for first and second year students, our workshop program, and our online resources.

We encourage faculty to recommend writing services to all students, as all student can benefit from 1:1 writing support, writing workshops, and other writing-related resources. Even accomplished writers find writing difficult at times. At the Writing Centre, we work with writers at every stage in their development, from beginners to very proficient writers.

Services for Faculty and TAs

Request a Writing Workshop/PresentationSociology tutorial

Writing Centre staff are committed to supporting Queen’s faculty in providing writing support for their students. We offer the following options:

  • Class Visit to Describe SASS’s Services: The Writing Centre’s Outreach Coordinator can visit your class to briefly introduce the Writing Centre services to your students. Contact Claire Hooker to set up a visit. We can also provide your with a Power Point slide outlining our services and how to use them.
  • Writing Workshops: We can deliver writing workshops tailored to your course that focus on general principles of academic writing, specific writing conventions of your discipline, and/or strategies for tackling a particular assignment. Contact Valerie Ashford, the Workshop Coordinator, to arrange a workshop for your class or tutorial/seminar group.
  • Video Resources: We can create video resources that you can link to or embed in your own course materials (Moodle, syllabus); these can be workshop-length or shorter pieces that focus on specific aspects of writing well. For example, see these two versions of a Sociology 122 writing workshop that address enhancing critical thinking, creating argumentative thesis statements, and structuring an essay effectively.
  • Staff Development Opportunities: We can work with you to ensure that our writing consultants are familiar with your discipline’s conventions and expectations around writing: the more we know about the your expectations for written assignments, the better we can help your students. Contact our Administrative Coordinator, Carly D’Amico-Nickerson, to discuss how you can participate in a staff development workshop, provide assignment guidelines for consultants to use in sessions with your students, and/or contribute to the development of our writing resources (e.g., discipline-specific workshops and tip sheets).
  • TA Training: We can provide training workshops for your Teaching Assistants and Markers that will enhance their ability to provide effective feedback on student writing. Contact the Director of Student Academic Success Services, Susan Korba, to arrange a session for your TAs/Markers or to find out about a scheduled session in which your TAs/Markers can participate.
  • In-Class Presentations: We also welcome invitations to speak directly to classes, residences and student groups. Presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of your students! Click here to request a Learning Strategies presentation.

Please contact us with any other questions or requests.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning can provide direct support to faculty who wish to integrate or improve student writing in their courses. Contact Andrea Phillipson  to ask about individual consultations or group workshops about designing writing assignments, assessing student writing, supporting graduate student writers, and integrating writing into lectures, tutorials, and labs.