Managing Writing Assignments

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Managing Writing Assignments 

Producing a piece of academic writing can be a daunting project. We’ve put together some resources and tips on how to ease the process of writing.

Make a plan.

It takes a surprising amount of time to develop your ideas and write well. Make sure you give yourself enough time by using these resources.

  1. Break down your assignment using an assignment calculator.
  2. Create a term calendar or weekly schedule.
  3. Check out some time management strategies.

Get motivated and stay focused.

  1. Build your motivation.
  2. Stay focused and avoid procrastination.
  3. Try our quick tips to combat procrastination.
  4. Check out our motivation tips for graduate students.

Manage your anxiety and stress.

  1. Follow our module on managing stress for undergraduate students.
  2. Try our module on managing stress for graduate students.
  3. Check out our quick tips for managing academic stress.

Combat perfectionism in writing.

Having trouble producing sentences, or letting go of a revised draft? It’s very common for writers to feel as though their writing isn’t good enough. Here are some ideas for getting past this barrier.

  1. Improve your writing experience.
  2. Follow our module on perfectionism in writing to learn more about managing your time in writing, coping with anxiety, modifying your mindset, and other strategies.

Get help with your writing.

Book a writing appointment at SASS and check out these online resources for help with specific types of writing, structure, grammar, style, etc.



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