Writing Topic: Essay Introductions and Conclusions

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Your Essay’s Introduction


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The introduction creates the first impression your reader will have of your essay, and previews what you will cover in the essay’s body. In essence, it serves three important functions: 1) to engage the reader’s interest; 2) to provide context for your topic; and 3) to articulate the argument you intend to develop in the essay through a clearly expressed thesis statement.

Engaging your reader's interest
Providing context for your topic
Articulating the argument you intend to develop
Final tips

Your Essay’s Conclusion


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Conclusions are meant to provide a satisfying and graceful close to an essay – but writing a satisfying and graceful conclusion can be difficult. Writers often approach the end of the essay wondering what is left to say about their topic and, consequently, put the least amount of effort into the essay’s concluding paragraph(s). However, an essay’s conclusion is extremely important – it is, after all, the last thing a reader reads, and a poorly written conclusion can undermine the positive impression created by the rest of the essay.

Conclusion Strategies
To Avoid
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