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Useful links

Useful LinksLooking for tutoring?

Sociology tutorialFor more advice on all aspects of academic writing, from writing courses at Queen’s to citations to dictionaries, here is a selection of some useful websites:

Continuing and Distances Studies: Take an academic writing course at Queen’s University (scroll down for available “WRIT” courses).

SASS’s guide to academic integrity: what it means, why it matters, and how SASS can help.

Writing Personal Statements: An excellent site dedicated to helping you craft a professional and effective personal statement.

MLA Handbook FAQ: Corrections and additions to the 7th print edition of the MLA Handbook.

ASA Style Guide: Brief guide to citations and references for Sociology papers.

APA Style Guide: On-line tutorial on referencing and formatting in APA style.

Chicago Manual of Style: Quick guide to documentation according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Online Writing Lab (OWL): A very useful site from Purdue University.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: Guide to writing, composition, rhetoric, editing, and style.

World Wide Words: Michael Quinion’s language pages include articles, the word hoard, newsworthy words, and usage notes.

The University of Victoria’s Writer’s Guide: Prepared by the English Department at the University of Victoria.

http://www.askoxford.com/: Oxford’s free online dictionary

Self Test for EAL Students

Online English Grammar: Maintained by the Hampstead School of English

The happy secret to better work: TED talk by Shawn Achor

Just for fun: entertaining or thought-provoking links about writing:

Some classic tips for writing letters or emails, from the BBC.

A rap video from University of Alberta students about plagiarism. (See also: Acceptable/Unacceptable)

Writing Centre Workshop

Learning Strategies can help students with ‘learning how to learn’, but there are other resources on campus to help students with tutoring in certain academic disciplines. Visit our Subject-specific Academic Resource Guide to learn what is available to you, or check out this quick list of academic peer tutoring services:

ASUS Peer Tutoring

  • ASUS Peer Tutoring, formerly known as Mindfind, is a new and improved service that partners upper year tutors with those looking for a tutor in a variety of Arts and Science courses.
  • To sign up, please visit the online matching system
  • If you have other questions about the program, email the co-directors at apt@asus.queensu.ca

Physics tutors

Chemistry Help Desk and tutors:

Faculty of Engineering

  • ENGLINKS is a service run by the Engineering Society at Queen’s that matches upper year tutors to students in any year.
  • Douglas Tutorials are an optional free service to help you through first year. It is a service meant to cater to your needs providing for additional academic assistance. It is a service run by students.

Math and Statistics

Computer Science (COMPSA)

Commerce Society

  • BrainTrust: Queen’s Commerce Society offers BrainTrust, a peer tutoring service for first and second year students. Individual tutoring and exam review are available.


  • Peer Assistance Program: Offers “advice tailored to you, from people who have been in your shoes and understand the demands of our program.”

Phys Ed and Kinesiology Student Association

  • PHEKSA provides a tutor matching service for extra help in any class.