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Getting Involved at University

By Sam Taylor, third-year ConEd English student

Queen’s Yoga Club A Grant Hall welcome! Queen’s Bands performing at Homecoming 2016

Sometimes the most difficult step is the first one. Whether you are in your first year of university or your last, there is some way that everyone can become involved. When I made my transition from high school to university, I personally found it challenging to get involved. I felt like there were just so many people here and I was very overwhelmed by the amount of information I was receiving that I didn’t put myself out there. Unfortunately, this is something I regret doing. In order for you all to learn from my mistakes, here are a few tips on getting involved in university!


Why Should I Get Involved?

One of the main reasons why you should become involved is because it transforms your overall experience as a student. Joining a new club or team gives you the opportunity to be put into situations where there are new people with various interests and experiences; sometimes these things are different from your own! These people could become some of your closest friends or even teach you something new that you might not have known without meeting them.

Existere: Social action theatre group that aims to raise awareness around important issues relevant to first-year students coming to Queen’s, including living in residence, academics, health, violence, sex, alcohol, and diversity.

Finding various ways to meet new people helps give you a sense of belonging in this new environment. As I mentioned above, in my first year I was overwhelmed by the amount of people at the university in comparison to my high school. Thus, sometimes I felt like I was just another student at the university and I wasn’t playing a critical role here. It was in second year when I expanded my horizons and joined three different clubs that I began to feel more confident about my place as a student here.

Another beneficial aspect of getting involved as a student is the amount it can benefit you after you graduate. Employers are looking for well-rounded employees. These well-rounded employees were once students who became involved with more than just their school work. Being immersed in a variety of ways at work or school helps to shape your character and also positively influences the environment around you.


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Ways to Get Involved!

My best advice on choosing something to become involved with is joining something that you care about. By joining a club or team that you are passionate about, it will be more enjoyable and easier to balance amongst school work and other aspects of your busy schedule. If you cannot seem to find a club that best suits you, create one! Queen’s University consists of 270+ clubs that are student run. So go ahead, get involved!


Photos courtesy of Hillary Newediuk (Queen’s Yoga Club), Queen’s University and Queen’s Recreation and Services under Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0