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Hitting the Reset Button

By: Veronica Sewilski, Class of 2021, Nursing


One of my favourite times of the year is September because it’s the perfect opportunity to give myself a fresh new start for the school year. It’s true for most of us: maybe you want to start eating healthier? Become more organized? Go to every single one of your classes? It’s the best time to think about what you want to accomplish to become a better version of yourself.

But it’s not September anymore and I’ve found myself in a funk. I’ve realized that this happens to me every single year around this time. Maybe it happens to you too. September feels like such a high, when you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on the new school year. Then October comes. You’ve started to settle into your routine of the semester, the days start getting colder and shorter, and the copious amounts of work that come with midterms starts to pile up. You start to forget about all of those things that you said you were going to do, or maybe you’ve slipped up a couple of times, so you just decide to let those September goals go.


I think that a lot of us like to make excuses for not following through with the resolutions that we make – mostly because they take a lot of effort. One of these excuses that we use is time. It’s easier for us to procrastinate on the things that we have to do because they scare us or we’re too overwhelmed by them. “There’s always next year”, “oh well, I’ll do that when I have more time”, “it was worth a shot”. Sound familiar? I know I’ve definitely said these things in the past.


Something important that I’ve learned about this excuse is that time does not dictate when you are allowed to start again. Sure, January 1st or the first day of a new semester are great opportunities to get yourself in check, but if you think about it, why not now? What better time than Wednesday October 17th 2018 at 8:22pm to say, “Right now, new me.” Want to start getting into a workout routine? Get up and go to the gym. Want to get a higher GPA? Stop procrastinating start your readings right now. Want to call home more often? Call your mom later tonight when she’s off work. There is no better time than the present.


If you needed a sign or a little motivation to help you hit that reset button during this dreary midterm season, this is it. Sure, it’s about halfway through the semester, but it is never too late to start fresh. You have the power to change anything that you want about yourself at any given moment. Become who you want to be. What’s holding you back?


Photo courtesy of Denyse, giphy.com