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How to tackle exam season

I say this every year, but this semester really did just fly by. I cannot believe that we are already at the end of Week 12. Exam season is here and it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. This also applies to those bogged down by final assignments or essays. Let’s not procrastinate — instead think “game on!” The time to start is now.

Try not to fumble

Falling behind in your classes can happen sometimes, and the sense of losing control can heighten when exams loom ahead. The best way to counter exam anxiety is to manage your time well and take care of yourself.

Taking time to exercise is beneficial, even if it’s as little as 30 minutes a day. It is equally important to eat healthy meals, have some fun, and get enough sleep. Give yourself breaks as meeting your basic needs is the first step. You will feel better and this will translate to more productive study sessions.

Getting to the end zone

It is important to start early and determine how many hours you will need to prepare for each exam. Then, try allocating sufficient study time for each exam. A great way to do so is by using an Exam Study Schedule template. It’s very customizable, and check out the back for instructions!

Within each study session, try implementing the 50:10 rule. This means study for 50 minutes and then take a 10-inute break. Another helpful thing to do is to make the schedule as routine as possible. For instance, try to wake up, study, and go to bed the same time each day.


There is no better feeling than walking into an exam feeling prepared. Well… There is one thing — and that’s being done all your exams! We’re almost there! Try your best to stick to your study schedule and spread your work over as many days as possible.

Here’s the April Exam Study Schedule for this exam season.

Good luck!

Photo courtesy of COD Newsroom under Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0.