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It’s been a hectic start!

Hey everyone! It’s me, Noor, again 🙂

How are you doing? Hopefully enjoying your first weeks of uni, so let me tell you about my own experiences!

It’s been a hectic – and I mean HECTIC – couple of weeks. First thoughts: lecture halls are huge. I think that’s all I need to say. I knew that we’d be in 400-person classes but actually going blew my mind. The way professors are almost performing from a stage, using microphones while you sit on balconies beside a new person every day, is such a big change from high school. No more of that assigned seating, no more of that “first day seat is your whole year seat.” Not to mention the crowds waiting in front of the lecture hall half an hour before class. My chem lectures are currently in Grant Hall while the BioSci building is being renovated. People scramble for seats on the main floor as there are no desks on the balcony. That’s a huge stressor for me as I NEED tables to write my notes!

Grant Hall building from street

I’ve started to notice how most students take notes on their devices. It’s like the second everyone sits down, boom! Computers and iPads are out! Not me though 🙂 I’m still a pen and paper student. It can be intimidating at times when everyone around you is typing quickly to keep up with lectures, but there’s something about good old paper and pen that is elusive in the digital world. Anyone else out there like me?

So far, I’ve enjoyed all my courses. My profs are great! I love how my chem lectures are only an hour but three times a week. Considering how easy it is to tune out during class, those short sessions will help my focus. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so I’ll try to pick short classes and study in short sessions next semester & next year 🙂

The Tricolour Open House club fair took place this week. They really do have a club for everything! If you are looking to get involved, it’s not too late, so read about how on the AMS website. Clubs are a great way to meet new people and take a break from school. I have applied to a few clubs already!

Now that we’ve finished week 2, it’s getting busy. Got to get back to finishing (or starting) my modules for this week.

Talk to you guys soon! – Noor