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Peer blog: Escaping Exam Blues

By: Alana Kearney, 4th year Concurrent Education, English major

We all know that feeling of looming exams and deadlines. Libraries are packed, stressed students are everywhere, and campus seems to have a grey cloud stuck above it. Although academics are important, mental and physical self-care is equally as vital in ensuring a successful exam season. After going through four years of exam seasons, I have come up with some tips and tricks to ensure a successful exam season and escape those dreaded exam blues:

1.Take breaks

This one may seem obvious, but when you are five hours deep into your Stauffer grind the day before an exam, a break may seem like the furthest thing on your mind. The 50/10 rule is a great way to schedule in breaks! After 50 minutes of studying, give yourself 10 minutes to go on Facebook, watch a YouTube video, or go for a quick walk. You will come back to your studying refreshed and ready to focus again.

2. Switch up your location

There are tons of places in Kingston that offer places to study! Libraries like Bracken offer a quiet alternative to Stauffer, while coffee shops downtown such as Crave and Sipps have lots of seating and a welcoming environment. If the weather is nice, Victoria Park is an awesome place to get some work done while enjoying the outdoors. Picking different places to study may help you feel less caught up in the exam stress that encompasses campus.

3. Plan ahead

Planning your exam schedule is a great way to combat the stress that comes along with exam season. The SASS Study Plan can help you stay on track (read about how to use it here). Putting in fixed commitments and estimated studying hours will leave you with space that you can use for things that make you happy. It may seem silly to plan things like going to the gym or painting your nails, but when you are overwhelmed with stress you will be glad to have a planned break.

4. Reward yourself

Find something you love and reward yourself with it throughout the exam season! It can be whatever fits your needs but for me it is always chocolate pretzels. After a long day of studying, having a nice treat is something to look forward to and helps me calm down and regroup for the next day. A reward could be anything that helps bring some joy back into your day.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep during exams?! Pulling all-nighters or only getting a few hours of sleep may seem like the only way to accomplish everything; however, it will only hurt you in the long run. Sleep is necessary for learning, memory, and good physical and mental health. When you sleep, your brain processes everything you studied during the day into your long-term memory. You’ll also boost your immune system so it can fight off potential illness during this busy time.

Good luck on exams!