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How Simple Breathing Can Stomp your Test Anxiety

By Cole A Harrison-Priddle, 3rd year English/Art History/Voice student

 Exams and in-class tests are not only evaluations of your knowledge and ability to apply it. They’re also performances: the class is your stage, your pens and pencils are your props, the time limit is your show length, and the examiner is your audience. Unlike actors performing a rehearsed play, students like you must determine the best answers to the show as you are performing it. Considering how rampant stage fright is even amongst veteran performers for rehearsed plays, it is understandable that you might feel test anxiety when approaching or performing an exam. Luckily, you and everyone else has a latent tool – one in constant use but likely not yet harnessed, one that is foundational yet able to make or break actors, singers and musicians alike, and one without which you cannot live – your breath.


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