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Exam Prep: Your Questions Answered Drop-In Event

Course-specific exam prep

Upper-year students are here to help with questions about prep for: PSYC100, BIOL103, CHEM112, MATH121, ECON110/2, ENGL100, DEVS100, and HIST121


Drop in for 5 minutes and learn:

– how to study effectively
– common study mistakes
– where to find practice questions and resources.

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Ace That Midterm! (Workshop)

Did midterm season leave you a mess in the fall? How do you know what to study (and what to leave out)? When should you begin? How can you write a test effectively? We’ll help you prep and enter midterm season with confidence.

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Welcome to exam season! Student Academic Success Services has got you covered.


Make an exam study schedule, or make a professional appointment with a learning strategist to hone your study skills!

Have you made our famous exam study schedule yet?

Download the 2018 Winter Term Exam Study Schedule template (PDF)!

Then, once you’ve made your schedule, make sure you know how best to use your 3-hour study blocks.



Unsure of how your marks are adding up?

Fill in the Grade Calculator and find out exactly where you stand in each course heading into exams.

Learn just about everything we’ve got on effective, efficient exam prep right here. Good luck! 



Not sure where to start with exam prep? Try the study plan

Get organized with our rules for organizing your study schedule

Tools: Strategies for effective studying

Tools: Studying for different types of exams

But what if I have to cram?
Even with good planning, there are times when you have to cram. Here are some helpful hints.



Tools: Overcoming test anxiety

Staying calm under pressure is important during exams.  Learn more about coping with test anxiety.

Tools for staying motivated


Tools for staying focused


Tools for managing academic stress


SASS Peer blogs

Happy to help.

Have questions? Send us an email or give us a call at 613-533-6315

Remember that Student Academic Success Services (SASS) is here to help you with all aspects of academic writing and learning, whatever your year, discipline or proficiency level.

Explore our website for information about booking 1:1 appointments, using peer writing support, finding a helpful workshop, or accessing free learning and writing resources.



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Exam Prep workshop: Math & Science Problems

This class is designed to help you master and memorize the formulae and methods you’ll need to perform at a high level on equation-based exams in math, computer science, engineering and related subjects.

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Exam Prep Workshop: Multiple Choice

So you’ve got a hundred decisions to make in an hour, and a whole textbook to work from.

We’ll talk you through a process to help you select what you’ll learn, memorize it, and ease the stress of exam day.

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Peer Blog: Playing Catch (Up)!

By: Samantha Simpson, Second Year Psychology Student

You were so totally going to start studying for exams 2 weeks ago. Yep, you were going to ace every single one of them, turn your 2.0 GPA into a 4.3 GPA in the process, and make your mom proud. But then the second season of your favourite show (finally!) came out on Netflix, so naturally you had to catch up on your binge-watching first. By the time you finished, night had fallen, and sleep was calling to you. And then you just… didn’t. For the next 14 days. And now exams are, um, next week? Can we rewind this thing?

If this sounds anything like you, be assured that all hope is not lost! It’s time to get some serious studying done and I’m here (along with some handy tips) to help you out.


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On your mark, get set, go! A guide to running your final exams

By Gaurav Talwar, 3rd year Life Sciences student

It’s week 12, exams are approaching and hopefully you have taken some time to view your exam schedule (if you haven’t, then I’d highly recommend you check it now). The question that I have for you is, What kind of race will you be running this exam season? Will you be sprinting your way through multiple back-to-back exams? Or will you be running a marathon with exams extending to the last day?”

In my first year, I ran a 100-meter sprint, with 5 back-to-back exams and an occasional study day in between. In my second year, I ran a 200-meter sprint, with more than 3 days to rest between a few exams. This year, I’ll be running a marathon.


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Midterm Prep Workshop: Multiple Choice Exams

So you’ve got a hundred decisions to make in an hour, and a whole textbook to work from. We’ll talk you through a process to help you select what you’ll learn, memorize it, and ease the stress of exam day.

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