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Midterm Prep Workshop: Multiple Choice Exams

So you’ve got a hundred decisions to make in an hour, and a whole textbook to work from. We’ll talk you through a process to help you select what you’ll learn, memorize it, and ease the stress of exam day.

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Presentation Skills for Undergraduate Classes Workshop

Giving presentations in class can be scary. What are professors looking for, why do they ask you to give presentations, and how can you speak with confidence and clarity? We’ll show you some simple but powerful strategies to overcome anxiety, speak with confidence, and boost your presentation grades.

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Critical Reading for Writing Essays Workshop

Finding and reading sources is a vital part of essay writing in any subject. But how can you do this effectively? How do you gather, compare and evaluate material? How do you turn your ideas into an essay outline and draft? We’ll take you through the process step-by-step in this class.

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Master Your Lectures: Improving Note-Taking Workshop

Lectures can sometimes seem like a blur: everything’s too complicated, explained too fast, and you just forget everything afterward anyway. Our note taking class will help you pay attention to the most important parts of the lecture, organize your information in an effective way, and explain how to work from lecture material when you’re writing assignments of revising for exams.

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Reading Effectively in English Workshop

Are you struggling to finish all your readings? Do you wonder how to read fast enough to succeed? Many students struggle to adapt to reading effectively in another language.

In this class for English language learners, you’ll learn how to approach your course readings strategically and efficiently.

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Get More Done: Time Management Workshop

Students often tell us that they have too much to do – too many assignments, too much reading, too many extracurricular clubs – and too little time to do it. The time management strategies we’ll show you in this workshop can help you get more done, more efficiently.

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