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Training for the marathon (AKA university)

By Caleigh Treissman, 3rd-year Psychology major

University is a marathon: the workload is large and the timeline is tight, but in order to succeed you must be able to keep up your endurance.

An important way to build up the endurance to last throughout the race (your university degree) is by taking breaks (yes, you read that right, BREAKS!).

  • Use the 50/10 rule: Try to break your study time into 50-minute sessions with a 10-minute break between sessions. Give this a try! It will help improve your concentration and keep your momentum up!
  • Here are a few great break ideas: Go for a walk, Talk with a friend, Stretch, Eat a healthy meal, and BREATHE!

Remember that taking breaks will make you more motivated and efficient as you continue on! They are an important part of making your experience (be that a marathon, or a university degree) manageable and fun!

You may have noticed those people on the side of the marathon route that hand out water and encourage people to take a quick break before continuing on. The Peer Learning Assistants are those people in your University marathon! Remember that we are here to help you succeed. Attend one of our Exam Prep workshops this term to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker under Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0.