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#VinedYourSolution: A Learning Strategies social media contest!

Your Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs) are now on Vine!

Follow our Twitter account @SASS_LS or our Facebook account to learn some quick study tips and have the opportunity to win a great prize!

The PLAs have been making their own Vines, and we want to give you the chance to share some of yours. For two weeks in March, Queen’s students can Retweet or Share PLA Vines on Twitter and Facebook to have their names entered into a ballot. We encourage staff and faculty to participate, too, but you will not be eligible for the prize.

What is the prize, you ask? A fun Midterm/Final Exams Care Package, including our famous April exam study schedule template, hot beverages, warm fuzzies, and more. Students can also submit their own Vines to share their own personal study tips or to ask study-related questions (and the PLAs will respond!). If you create your own Vine, your name is entered TWICE into the ballot. Wowza!

Participation guidelines

  • Follow @SASS_LS to see new PLA Vines every day between January 19-30. All PLA Vines will be labeled with #PLAVines and #VinedYourSolution
  • Share your own Vine (remember to use the hashtag #VinedYourSolution) and receive two entries into the draw
  • Every retweet on Twitter or share on Facebook equals one entry into the draw. You’ll be entered for each different Vine video that you retweet or share. Retweet as much as possible!
  • The winner will be announced by Friday, February 26, using the same medium they participated with (for example, if you retweeted a video, we will reach out to you on Twitter for further details).

What should you put in your own Vines?

  • If you are making your own Vine, here are the eligible topics:
    • Study strategies that work for you
    • Stress relievers or ways to cope with stress
    • Your favourite study spot
    • How you tackle an exam
    • Remember, use our #VinedYourSolution hashtag so that we can count your entry