Stress at University

Every student faces stress sometimes. You may not always be able to avoid it, but you can make choices that can help you stay resilient and positive. In fact, stress management is an important academic and life skill that you can learn.

How can SASS help you manage stress?

When it comes to managing academic stress, it can be helpful to take a bit of time to look at the big picture and impose some structure on your life. Structure can help you ensure you complete your academic tasks and other commitments, and support your well being.

At SASS, we can help you manage academic stress by offering information and support about topics such as:

and more. Start with the links above to our online resources. If you would like individualized support, book an appointment with a learning strategist. There is no need for you to manage challenges on your own!

Queen’s resources

Queen’s offers a wide range of support for students who are managing stress. Explore this page for some helpful ideas from SASS, and links to other resources at Queen’s. (You may like to look into getting support from more than one of these resources because stress can have a few different sources.)

There are plenty of other resources on campus to help you; please ask for help if you can’t find what you’re looking for!

MODULE: Thinking through stress

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