Distance Students



The Writing Centre offers telephone appointments to students who are studying at a distance from campus and students who have disabilities requiring accommodation (documentation required for accommodation). Requests from other students in special circumstances will be taken into consideration. Front desk staff who schedule telephone appointments will require assurance from students that they are actually distance students.

How to book a telephone consultation

Although the Writing Centre uses an online appointment booking system for scheduling writing consultations, it is not currently possible for students to book appointments for telephone consultations using the online system. We request that a student seeking a telephone appointment call our front desk at 613-533-6315; our administrative assistant will book the appointment for you and will enter your information into our appointment booking system; you will receive an automated appointment confirmation and an automated reminder email before your appointment. You will also receive instructions to help you prepare for the appointment (see below).

How to prepare for a telephone consultation

As with in-person appointments, both consultant and student will work from hard copies of the student’s written work, not on computer, to ensure that the consultation does not become an editing session.

1. Email the following materials to the administrative assistant at Student Academic Success Services (academic.success@queensu.ca): the assignment instructions (if available), a draft of your written work, and your goals for the consultation. These materials must be sent at least one hour prior to the consultation. If the appointment is scheduled for the evening, materials should be sent in by 3:00 p.m. that day.

2. Telephone 613-533-6000 (ext. 78643) 15 minutes after the beginning of your 50-minute appointment or 10 minutes after your 25-minute appointment so the consultant has some time to review the materials before the interactive part of the session begins.

3. Have a hard copy of your written work to use so that you can make notes during the session.

Because telephone appointments lack the face-to-face interaction offered by in-person consultations, the consultant will check in with you throughout the session to ensure that your concerns are being adequately addressed and to find out if you understand the advice that is being offered. Be sure to ask questions and share your ideas – the more collaborative the session, the more you will get out if it!

For helpful advice on studying at a distance, see Distance Students Tips from Learning Strategies.