How I find the time to do what I love, even during the busiest times of the year

By: Sophia Klymchuk 3rd year Concurrent Education/French Studies student


“I don’t have time for anything anymore.”

These are the words that I kept repeating to myself when I entered my first year. When I was in high school, it was easier for me to find time for my hobbies, such as reading for fun, drawing or baking. But when I started university, all the extra assignments, readings and studying made me feel like I didn’t have the time to do these activities. I was under the impression that I had to work all the time, and that it was normal to let go of what I used to do for fun.

You may have, on more than one occasion, had this thought, or shared it with a friend. As a university student, what is expected of you on the academic level is challenging. However, your academic career shouldn’t be getting in the way of your hobbies and what you enjoy doing. I came to this conclusion after my overwhelming first year, and ever since, I’ve been consciously making room for reading and drawing along with my studies. Whether it’s reading, playing music or learning a language, here are some ways that you can find the time in your busy schedule to do what you love.


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Catch Up: Time Management Workshop

Most students find that they fall behind in one or more courses. It’s never too late to get back on track, so our Peer Learning Assistants have designed this class to answer your questions and produce a plan of action.

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Writing Skills for International Graduate Students Workshop

What do Queen’s professors look for in graduate-level written assignments? How can you learn to write critically and clearly? How do you edit a lengthy research paper? This seminar, led by professional writing staff, aims to assist graduate students from all disciplines in the development of writing skills.

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Make the Most of Reading Week: Scheduling Drop-In

As you look towards the assignments piling up for the end of the semester and wonder how you’ll be able to catch up on the material you’ve missed, Reading Week is a great opportunity to get ahead or back on track. Our Peer Learning Assistants will work with you to produce a personal study plan for the next week.

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