Reading Faster, Reading Better Workshop

Are you struggling to finish masses of textbooks, articles and other readings? Do you wonder how to read fast enough to succeed? Learn how to approach your course readings strategically and efficiently with advice from Student Academic Success Services.

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Exam Prep: Quantitative Problem-solving (Math and Science Exams)

Learn three practical strategies to move away from an endless “plug and chug” approach to solving quantitative problems. Students in math, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics, and basic stats courses will learn how to shift from straight calculations to conceptual thinking when studying for exams. Generic strategies will be taught, not content in specific courses.

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Exam Prep: Short Answer and Essay

Learn how to prepare for tests that include short answer and essay questions, and find out what your instructions are looking for when marking this type of exam.

This workshop also includes information on writing the exam itself, as well.

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Draft Your Exam Study Schedule (workshop)

Learn how to schedule adequate time for studying for each of your final exams – no matter how many you might have! You will leave this workshop with a study schedule draft.

Although this workshop is only one hour long, you are welcome to remain with the professional advisor for an extra half-hour after the workshop for personalized help while creating your schedule.

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Draft Your Exam Study Schedule Drop-in Event

Learn how to schedule adequate time for studying for each of your final exams – no matter how many you might have! Work with a professional advisor for help personalize and create your own exam study schedule.

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Preparing for Your First Exams

Taking your first exams at Queen’s can be a leap into the unknown. Our workshop leaders will help you improve your time and study habits as you prepare for your exams.

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GET IT DONE! Drop-in Writing Event

Twice per academic year, Student Academic Success Services and Queen’s Residence Life join forces to provide first-year students with the ultimate anti-procrastination tool — complete with snacks, supportive Peer Writing and Learning Assistants. Drop in for thirty minutes or five hours!

This event sets first-year students loose on a final paper of their choosing in a dedicated, (relatively) distraction-free space. The Peer Writing and Learning Assistants will be available to provide suggestions, while, in a nearby room, free snacks,  and excellent raffle prizes keep everyone motivated.

Through one-on-one consultations and mini-workshops, this event may help students

  • generate new ideas and map connections
  • structure a complex paper in a coherent way
  • sculpt an introductory paragraph or thesis statement
  • break a large project into smaller writing tasks
  • feel part of a larger writing community
  • get started on a major assignment earlier rather than later

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