Draft Your Exam Study Schedule Drop-In

Drop in between 12.30 and 1.30 to learn how to schedule adequate time for studying for each of your final exams – no matter how many you might have! Helpers will answer your questions about catching up, planning and prepping, and assist you in producing a draft study schedule to make sure you get everything done.


Exam Study Schedule (Fall 2017)

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Crunch Time, Catch up: Time Management Skills 3.0

Now is the time to develop your time management strategies and tools that will get you caught up – and make sure you keep up – with your coursework. Worried about falling behind? Want to improve on last term’s performance? This workshop can help.

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Editing Your Paper Like a Pro

Editing is a crucial stage of any writing process that improves unreadable, confused or overly complex writing. In this workshop, you’ll learn about simple but effective editing methods to help your assignment reach its full potential.

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How to Develop a Thesis Statement

Are you afraid of the word ‘thesis’? Wondering what your course instructor might expect you to create when asking for ‘a clear and effective thesis’? Register early to participate in a highly instructive workshop with our expert academic staff to learn how to:

1.Identify common missteps in thesis construction
2.Use smart strategies to develop and revise a thesis
3. Apply a what/how/why model to evaluate the strength and clarity of your thesis

Your instructors will be very glad that you’ve taken advantage of this opportunity.

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Midterm Prep: Quantitative Problem-solving (Math and Science Exams)

Learn three practical strategies to move away from an endless “plug and chug” approach to solving quantitative problems. Students in math, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics, and basic stats courses will learn how to shift from straight calculations to conceptual thinking when studying for exams. Generic strategies will be taught, not content in specific courses.

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