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Instructors in social sciences generally prefer students to use the APA documentation format. Like MLA style, APA style prefers in-text references that direct the reader to the list of references for more detailed information.


In-Text CitationsReferencesAPA Style Update 2009: 2 Changes

In-Text Citations

1. Work by a Single Author
2. Works by Two or more Authors
3. Works by Unknown Authors
4. Works by a Corporate Author
5. Multiple Citations in the same Parentheses
6. Works by Authors with the same Last Name
7. Citing Personal Communication


Unlike MLA style, APA style uses the term references rather than works cited. Give page numbers for items such as articles that appear within a larger work. Indent the first line of each entry in your references list. If your list of references contains two or more works by the same author, list the entries by date, with the earliest publication first.

1. Book by a Single Author
2. Books by Two or more Authors
3. Edited Books
4. Editions Subsequent to the First
5. Work in an Anthology
6. Article in a journal with continuous pagination for each issue
7. Article in a journal with a separate pagination for each issue
8. Article in a Magazine
9. Internet Resource
Change #1: the DOI
Change #2: New Format in References List for Articles with 6+ Authors



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