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Online tutorials

To better support students’ academic skills, SASS has created interactive tutorials that can be completed on-demand, at students’ own pace. Specific learning outcomes, as well as estimated time for tutorials’ completion, are listed below.

Academics 101Academic integrity

Academics 101

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SASS’s guide for the class of 2024, as you begin your undergraduate studies online. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started at Queen’s and get through the first few weeks of your courses. Many of the strategies we discuss will be useful to you in the years to come, well after you graduate and continue on to further study or enter the workforce.

Learning outcomes

By the time you finish this series of tutorials, you’ll:

  • understand how your educational and cultural background relates to the academic culture at Queen’s
  • know how to succeed in online learning
  • have learned about the skills and approaches you’ll need to understand and excel in your courses and assignments
  • feel more confident about starting your courses at Queen’s!

Academics 101 is made up of eight tutorials; these take between 10 and 60 minutes to complete. The intention is to work through the tutorials one or two at a time, not all at once.

Academic integrity

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This tutorial will prepare you for (or refresh your memory about) a fundamental aspect of university: academic integrity

Your understanding of academic integrity might involve words like cheating and plagiarism. You may know that violations of academic integrity can have some serious consequences: failing an assignment, failing a course, or being expelled from university. It’s also important to understand why these consequences exist and why practicing academic integrity is so critical to your identity as a student.

Learning outcomes

When you finish this tutorial, you’ll:

  • understand why academic integrity matters, beyond the consequences of not practicing it
  • know how to make good choices that prevent you from violating academic integrity
  • recognize academic integrity in practice when you write exams and assignments and work collaboratively
  • identify how becoming a scholar of integrity and having an academic integrity practice will actually improve your work as a student.

This tutorial takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.