MSc Public Health (Epidemiology)


Creating your best work environment: A practical guide

Shahnawaz, MSc Public Health (Epidemiology), Year 1 - Nov 18, 2021

Unfortunately, my experience is not uncommon, nor is it exclusive to midterm season — COVID has forced us to accept virtual learning as the new normal, and this shift has made it very difficult to separate work from the rest of our lives.

Imposter syndrome: You're not alone

Shahnawaz, MSc Public Health (Epidemiology), Year 1 - Sep 24, 2021

On our first day of class, I remember being impressed by the diversity of backgrounds among fellow students in the Public Health Sciences program. Prior to entering grad school, some of my peers had spent years bolstering their work and research experience.

Meet our 2021-22 student bloggers

Aug 23, 2021

Our team of bloggers introduce themselves, their plans for this year, and their anxieties and excitement as they start the 2021-22 year .

Reflecting On My Growth

Shahnawaz, MSc Public Health (Epidemiology), Year 1 - Jan 14, 2022

Since making this connection between mistakes and growth, I have felt strongly motivated to identify areas of improvement for the new semester and to make changes accordingly.

Toxic productivity in grad school

Shahnawaz, MSc Public Health (Epidemiology), Year 1 - Oct 14, 2021

Grad school has been BUSY to say the least. I am yet to find a single moment to stand still—even if I was fully caught up with coursework (and I’m not), there would still be additional readings to review, assignments to grade, and potential topics to explore for my thesis.