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Guided by our experts and volunteers, you’ll collaborate with students from across Queen’s to improve your academic and writing skills at our workshops, drop-in events, and writing and study groups.

You'll find series specially designed for undergraduates, for graduate students, and for English as an additional language support.

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Looking for a workshop or tutorial for your course or group on any of our areas of expertise? We can work with you to offer in-course and group support in response to your students' needs. Fill out our workshop request form to get started.

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We run workshops, events and study groups, online and in-person, for undergraduates and graduates of all levels. Read more here or follow our Instagram feed to keep up-to-date with our many offerings!

Our undergrad skills series covers everything from note-taking to reading, time management, catching up, writing your first papers, understanding academic expectations at a North American university like Queen's, and excelling in second year and beyond.

Attend one or more of our sessions to brush up on the basics of university study, develop high-level skills, and meet and work with other students!

Sessions take place online and at Stauffer Library.

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Our grad series covers the core skills you’ll need to write theses, dissertations, and articles, to organize your time and stay motivated, and meet your supervisor’s expectations.

This popular series takes place once or twice a month. Led by our expert staff, our sessions will show you

  • what it takes to succeed in grad school
  • how to read for courses and comprehensive exams
  • ways to write complex texts such as literature reviews and journal articles
  • methods for editing large written projects
  • approaches to giving conference presentations

Sessions take place both online and in-person throughout the year.

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Attend our English language events and groups to work with other students, improve your writing, work through examples, complete practice exercises, ask questions, and make friends:

  • Write It is an interactive weekly workshop that explores writing choices through a focus on English grammar and writing topics, including prepositions, sentence variety, and writing critically. View upcoming Write It sessions now!
  • Speak Up is a weekly group that aims to build your confidence when speaking in seminars, tutorials, and other academic settings by practicing and exploring examples with other students. View the semester's Speak Up schedule now.
  • The Overcoming Academic Culture Shock series will introduce you to the fundamentals of academic life at Queen's: what do professors expect, what's your role as a student, and who can help you continue to improve your skills?

Sessions take place online, in Stauffer, and at the QUIC in Mitchell Hall; undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.


Every semester we run a range of writing and study groups for undergraduates and graduate students. Join us in

  • Grad Writing Lab, our weekly graduate writing group: a structured, online space to support your writing progress and sense of community.
  • Study with SASS, a weekly open study session with support from SASS staff and volunteers for all students to work together.

Follow our Instagram feed to hear about other, one-off events and new study groups. You'll be able to study with other students, make connections, and get feedback and advice on your work from our volunteers and staff - right when you need it!

We are committed to ensuring all of our workshops and events are accessible. If you have particular accessibility requests, please contact us and we will ensure your needs are met.

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open notebook with pen between pages
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Grad Skills: Procrastination and writer’s block

Everybody procrastinates, so how can you minimize your bad habits and maximize your writing time? We’ll show you that it doesn’t have to be complicated! 




Hands typing on a laptop
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Grad Skills: Writing skills

Join us to discover ways to develop your writing style as a grad student. We’ll cover techniques and approaches that will help you sound like the best writers in your field. 




Lecture hall seats
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Grad Skills: Presentation skills

In this session, we’ll discuss ways to manage speech anxiety, produce a winning conference presentation, and engage your audience. You’ll learn to make the most of every conference you attend. 

“Thank you for this session! I learned so many practical skills I can apply to my editing process.”

Veronika T
Kinesiology, '23