Work one-on-one with a SASS staff member or upper-year volunteer to

  • produce engaging and persuasive papers and reports
  • receive advice on writing everything from undergraduate essays to master's theses and PhD dissertations
  • develop efficient and effective study strategies
  • discuss techniques for reading, note-taking, time management, exam preparation, and more
  • learn how to edit and proofread your writing

Appointments are free.

You can choose to attend online or in-person. Both undergraduate and graduate students can book with us.

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How do we help?

Our friendly, welcoming team appreciates that every student has unique needs. No matter your major, background, or situation, we're here to help.

Whether you know what you need or you just want to discuss your options, we'll always help!

Discuss your writing for any Queen’s course or department at either the undergraduate or graduate level with our expert professional consultants.

  • Receive advice on style, grammar, and flow
  • Understand academic integrity rules and guidelines
  • Organize and draft a great paper
  • Develop arguments and thesis statements
  • Understand the complexities of disciplinary style

You don't have to bring us finished work; we can also help with outlining, drafting, or planning your paper.

Appointments are up to 50 minutes long and take place in person or online.  Book your appointment with a staff member today.

Get feedback on your writing for first or second-year courses from an upper-year Queen’s student. Booking with our Peer Writing Assistants is a great way to get an insider's view of what you'll need to write a great paper at university.

  • Understand the basics of university writing
  • Meet expectations in your papers
  • Learn what professors are looking for
  • Tackle essays/reports outside of your major
  • Learn how to edit your writing

Work with our team up to twice a week in 25-minute sessions. Arts, humanities, and sciences appointments available, so book your time now!

Meet with our learning experts to become a more effective and confident student.

  • Read more efficiently
  • Explore approaches to note-taking
  • Manage your time and beat procrastination
  • Prepare for and take exams
  • Tackle academic and test anxiety

Appointments are 50 minutes long, in person or online. You can come for support at any point in the school year or in your degree. It's never too early or late! Book your appointment with a staff member today.

Develop confidence, style, and knowledge in English for university. Our friendly and knowledgeable English specialists are here to help you develop academic skills in writing, speaking, reading, and listening. 

  • Explore writing skills, grammar, and cultural expectations.
  • Work on speaking skills, English pronunciation, and presentation strategies.
  • Discover approaches to understanding lectures and conferences, finding key ideas when listening to professors, and speaking with other students in class.
  • Develop ways to understand readings and become a more efficient reader in English.

Learn more about how we support students with Academic English. Book your appointment with our English experts today.

e-feedback is a chance to receive written feedback on your academic work when it's convenient for you. Submit your work via our online system and we'll return it within a few days. Please note: this option does not require you to be present at the time of the appointment. 

  • Submit up to five (5) pages of writing
  • Use our online booking system and select a consultant who offers "eTutoring" (in either the Writing or English Language Skills schedules), then upload your work
  • We can provide feedback on drafts at any stage
  • For feedback on something specific, please leave a note at the top of your document.

Only professors may request these appointments for their students.

Faculty members who wish to provide an educative component as a sanction for students who have broken academic integrity rules in writing can email Leslie Paterson to determine the scope and details of a potential educational program. This might include self-study options and/or AI-focused appointments with professional staff. 

The process is designed to be flexible and responsive to student needs and concerns, emphasizing the logic behind best practices of academic integrity and focusing on concrete strategies and skills students can develop to improve their writing.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry. Book the nearest appointment type to what you need or email us for guidance. We’ll connect you with the people who can help!


SASS seeks to support you in becoming a better and more efficient learner. We’ll always do our best to help, but please read our policies before attending.

“I learned so many new ways to take notes and engage in class work and reading from having appointments at SASS.”

Andrea S
Art History, '20